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Welcome to Galaxy Medicare Consultants

Galaxy Medicare Consultants is an accredited Medical center located in Thika Town (Kenya canners Sacco Ltd. House, 1st Floor) with another branch in Nairobi, Upper Hill (5th Avenue House, 3rd Floor)

The thika Branch has a 24 hour outpatient clinic with a full time general practitioner and medical specialised clinic. Our services include:

At Galaxy Medicare Consultants we provide quality and affordable services to all

Our Core Values
At GMC, we share our clear commitment to our patients by offering uncompromising quality services. We respect each other, work together effectively in order to achieve world class and affordable services. Our values are embodied in:
High Professional standards and Ethics
Team Work

To offer world- class, quality and timely health care services that impact lives.

Be a global leader in provision of excellent and affordable health care.

What our patients are saying
Meet our doctors
Doctors at Galaxy Medicare Consultants (GMC) have more than a decade of experience in health care provision. Patients with all kinds of illness can now look ahead with much more confidence to our experience and treatment concepts.We impact their future lives, and offer the best possible quality of life through modern medical interventions that are evidence based.
Our Locations
We are currently located in Thika and in Nairobi
Our Staff
We are constantly building our human resource, not only to ensure we have the capacity but also to facilitate reliable tranfer of knowledge to the next generation practitioners of the Art of Medicine.
Medical Specialists
We have five resident specialists focusing on paediatrics, general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics & gynaecology. We are in the process of engaging a skin specialist (dermatologist) and a dentist.